A 3-Step Process to Achieving Your Biggest Dreams

Say goodbye to your comfort zone

Gregory Russell Benedikt
6 min readApr 3, 2024
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Yesterday, I experienced a rare eureka moment.

Many of the concepts and ideas I have been thinking about for the past four years suddenly came together. Like the last few pieces of a puzzle, they slipped into place and I felt an overwhelming sense of awe and relief.

I imagine that’s how J.K. Rowling felt when she wrote the last Harry Potter book and called back the plot lines she had started spinning up in The Sorcerer’s Stone.

Unfortunately for Harry, my eureka moment will not bring back his beloved Dumbledore.

Let’s start at the beginning

In June of 2020, two big things were happening in my life. I had just submitted my two weeks notice informing my boss that I would be quitting my safe and secure job in finance. This took everyone by surprise (especially my parents), given the whole pesky pandemic thing that was going on.

I had no idea what I wanted to do next, but I knew it involved a leap of faith and a big adventure. Which leads us to the second big thing: I was about to start a podcast.

My partner in crime Vincent Van Patten was also about to quit his job, and we were brainstorming names for our big…