The Top 5 Things That Scare Me

And what I am doing about it

Gregory Russell Benedikt
2 min readMar 6, 2023
The author giving a speech at Toastmasters

Last night I made a list of my biggest fears.

Here are the top 5 things that scare me:

1. Dancing
2. Public speaking
3. Doing Improv
4. Heights
5. Rejection

I made this list so I can start using FEAR as a compass.

You might be laughing that dancing is #1.

But ever since that first ice cream social in 7th grade I’ve been terrified.

I created this fear list so that I could start facing what scares me head-on.

For each fear, I have identified corresponding actions to take.

I’m signing up for dancing lessons and improv classes to combat #1 and #3.

I attend Toastmasters weekly and speak at every meeting for #2.

For #4 I’m going to attempt the big wall at the rock climbing gym.

#5 entails starting a conversation with at least one stranger every day.

Bonus points if they are a cute girl 😎

Wait but why?

Why am I subjecting myself to sweaty palms and a racing heart?