There Was a Glitch in The Matrix Yesterday

And I suddenly saw the absurdity of pursuing money at all costs

Gregory Russell Benedikt


Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

Have you ever said a word so many times in a row so that it starts to sound fake?




This happens to me all the time.

And yesterday it happened with a concept instead of a word.

Let me explain.

I was on the way to the bank to deposit some cash I received from selling my car.

It was a healthy chunk of change, far more than I am used to carrying around. And as I looked over at the white envelope riding shotgun with me, I had a strange thought.

I realized that many people spend their whole life sacrificing their health, happiness, and well-being to get more of the little pieces of paper inside that white envelope.

I wasn’t being judgemental.

It just struck me as a sad way to spend one’s life.

But I had been there before. Absolutely hating all of my waking hours Monday — Friday in order to bring home more of these little pieces of paper.

So that I could spend them on experiences and things over the weekend to try and forget the loathing that would inevitably begin again on Monday.

Next, I started thinking about how silly banks are.

Why does one need to be wearing a suit in order to take my little pieces of paper?

Why does everyone look so unhappy here?

As I handed over my white envelope I felt like the matrix had glitched for a moment and I was suddenly seeing through the veil.

It all seemed so ridiculous.

But then I got in my car and drove home.

And when I logged into my banking portal I saw that my little score had increased.


The final thought I had was about what these little pieces of paper mean about a person.

Logically, it should mean nothing that Person A has more little pieces of paper than Person B.